IT MAKES A SOUND is a serial audio drama created and written by Jacquelyn Landgraf. A Night Vale Presents production. Co-directed by Jacquelyn Landgraf and Anya Saffir. Original music by Nate Weida, with lyrics by Nate Weida and Jacquelyn Landgraf. Sound engineering and mixing by Vincent Cacchione. Starring Jacquelyn Landgraf as Deirdre Gardner. Featuring the voices of Annie Golden, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Melissa Mahoney, Nate Weida, and other special guests. 

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When was the last time you were struck by the EXTRAORDINARY in your life? What wonders are you forgetting to look for? Do you remember how things used to sound? Do you remember the music that first cracked you open and revealed to you the infinite possibilities of the universe?

Do you remember Wim Faros?

Deirdre Gardner remembers. She knows that the extraordinary once tread upon the green fairways of this now abandoned Golf Course Community, and she is determined to make Rosemary Hills come back to life with the sound of music.

It Makes A Sound is a nine-episode serialized fiction podcast about the quest to restore what is missing, and to revive the sound of a generation.

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